Can United States of Africa Really work?

Can United States of Africa work?

By Mvusi Dee 


This is one of the ideas which I’d support but on many conditions and questions with concerns while I will be also very skeptican about the whole ideology. America is America because is united and Africa is not Africa because is divided. My support on this would be the fact that we shall be united as Africans based on the similarities of our cultures, customs and morality and values. We could do far better if we can be united to come against western oppression and manipulation to betray each other while trying to appear better to the westerns. That is betrayal of a fellow African. 

My scepticism about this and problems would be the fact that us, Africans we are too far different and far apart based on, religion which could be the main fact of our unity, beliefs, visions and shared information. Indeed Africa can be once again the prosperous continent on earth if many things can be fix and scares be nursed and all the broken hearted by the west be aligned in one place, in peace.

While Africa is surrounded by well known world worse dictators, the likes of Rorbet Mogabe who runs a country like in his company, the late Muammar Ghadafi of Lybia who chose to die than letting it go of his evil ways. Omar Al-bashir of Sudan, Charles Tylor, king Mswati who thinks his country is his living room and everyone should bow down before him. The world known evil and aggressive dictator of all times Idi Amin Dada of Uganda;  probably the worst ever dictator to live in African soil, charges against humanity because of his brutal killings and so many other crimes he has done in the past which left the country rage.

The terrorists in our days like it’s a fashion in the African soil, the likes of Al queda, Boko Haram and many others who destroy everything that they disagree with. How can Africa be ever united with such people in the picture? Every country will do by all means to protect its citizen regardless of the fact that they all want peace. According to Mwayila Tshiyembe of Togo,he says  “for many political leaders, the failure of the post-colonial state is the root cause of the marginalisation and upsurge in violence that is plunging whole swathes of Africa into chaos”.

How can this good idea come to life since nations of Africa are so territorial of their nations and so controlling to what they “own”. We are African and yes we want best for our continent to be one at heart, but when our people are so cruel and angry with old wounds which are hard to heal, what should then be done about this?

Africa is in desperate need of well learned leaders with a great vision for a destined continent.  We need people who are hungry for love and unity as a vital thing and coherence to life, not corruption and greediness.

The division of religions, government and education can hinder this idea because most Africans are illiterate and that makes them to resist change. For them to allow change to flow in will almost seemingly impossible since the illiterate refuses to let go of their superstitions and morals with the updated ones. The leaders of the continent of which some if not most are atheists, the religion will only course friction and government will bring even more wars and new wars. I am not disagreeing that this can happen, this dream can be true yet many things need to be considered into account.

If our continent can start being accountable of its actions and mistakes and try by all means to amend this, then we can step in a right place for the USA (United States of Africa).  Some people say in the western countries, no hunger for power but knowledge and ideas are implemented for the betterment of the country as well the people, much different in Africa where there is war and diseases.

Again this idea seems to be involving the western countries who are also the ones who contributed in our major division, only because of power and money. If Africa can stop to be territorial we can go far as being united and become a united states. Only in time this will happen but now let’s see what we can do in education and self empowerment.


This is so euphoric and dubious feeling for me concerning this subject. However I’m ready as I strain myself through this ambiguous subject……I feel so magnanimous to share with you my side of this epic and radical topic…..

This subject I have been given by Tshepang Mekwa my sister in the Lord….I pray that this may help, motivate, evoke and correct those in need and those who don’t know…. Be inspired and blessed as you read and being ministered at. Thank you Tshepi…..

Allow me to write different sides of this subject; as it is not an easy subject neither complicated yet very broad and louder and relevant in our generation. So don’t rush and take your time from the first part until to the last part, I’m not sure how long will it be!!!

Romans 12:6 speak of our differences in the measure of our grace given to each person. We not graced the same.

Verse 3 in the same chapter… We should not think highly of ourselves than we ought, but with sober judgement. #Character

Gifts are distributed by the same Spirit 1 Corinthians 12:4. This Spirit is the Spirit of God, then if this is God’s doing, then humbleness is no requirement but a command. This God kind of Character which must be the foundation of the operation of all gifts is founded here:

(Galatians 5:22-24).

22 But the fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, forbearance, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, 23 gentleness and self-control. Against such things there is no law. 24 Those who belong to Christ Jesus have crucified the flesh with its passions and desires.

This is a straight Character of how christians or any person should live if that person ought to be a follower of the Lord Jesus Christ.

This can be a long and detailed written piece, yet that’s not where I’m heading now, maybe in part 2 of this I will go in details about things I won’t be going to details about here! So watch part 2.

Definitions according to dictionaries:


1. something given voluntarily without payment in return, as to honour a person or an occasion or to provide assistance.

2. something bestowed or acquired without being sought or earned by the receiver.

3. a special ability or capacity; natural endowment

4. to give some power, capacity, or talent to.


1. The combination of qualities or features that distinguishes one person, group, or thing from another.

2. Moral or ethical strength.

3. A description of a person’s attributes, traits, or abilities.

4. Status or role; capacity

5. A person, especially one who is peculiar or eccentric

Let’s begin then…

Gift is what you do and Character is what you are #period….

We need to come to a level where we constantly understand the meaning of being gifted and to operate in that particular gift which we know we have…. Gifts are given by God for a specific purpose and special assignments to particular individuals. We might look the same but we not gifted the same!!!! Our ranking is not and will never be the same. My grace is not the same as yours! We not graced the same neither in our glory we are the same…… Bear with me as I go a little deeper with this issue. Don’t mind any controversial statements you might find or come across just pray for me 🙂 !!!!!

God; when He willingly gave gifts to each person according to their abilities He knew how we were going to react. Some envy others, some want more, some want less and still others don’t even know what are their gifts! This article is not on how God give gifts or what gifts are for, I was just clarifying something about gifts before my Versus begins with Character………….don’t be nervous!!!!

Lack of understand of how to sustain a gift, has became a major issue in Christian society. As we zeal so much for God, we turn to turn a blind eye on maturity and character. Character help us to be what God wants us to be.

This I have found: Many Young people confuses exposure too soon to many things with maturity. Being matured comes with responsibilities not just with knowledge!!!!

The zeal do come to an end, then maturity must take place. When we lack listing skill, we die like fools. We have heard so many great preaches, so many good motivational speakers and even today we have so many people who are truly gifted yet their stinking characters differs them from peculiar persons.

God’s gifts were to make us whole not whores! Was to make us rejoice and give Him the glory not proud and arrogant. Was to humble and make us obedient unto His word not to make us rebellious and full of conceit and malice!! I’m not by any way criticising or judging anybody neither do I refer this or link it to any person whatsoever… attention and be analytical if you would to these words I write in here…

Gifts say ‘preach’ and character says ‘did God said you must preach’. Gifts says ‘you don’t have to prepare you got this, it’s in you’ and character says ‘pray because you might be exposed before people’. Gift without maturity says ‘let them see me, what I can do or what I’m made of’ and yet again character hides behind the curtain!!

While the gift shines without the approval of God, the character is worried about the immaturity of the person I’ve become. There comes a time in our Christian walk where we need to remain silent about our gifts and let all others brag about what they can do with their gifts! Because anyway that’s what we do best, “bragging” about gifts. Sometimes let them brag all they can; but let your gift and character speaks for you! Let it represent you among the bunch!

Church has became a place of ‘good’ Christians who use their God-given gifts to impress God.

I mean you can’t impress me with something I invented and willingly gave it to you free of charge, like really!!!! Character should be a number one thing that shows the real person not the gift! Sometimes I feel like our gifts are draining us and directing us to permanent failure. Yet again I thought of it, that it is because our lack of character is the one that leads us to the pit of death not gifts!

Some of us we have became so big headed, that we no longer want to listen! Teachable heart or spirit is no more existing.

Young man on pulpit because they are gifted but they have no character. Our lack of character has drifted us away from God to use us. We have became strangers to Him because we no longer want to listen to Him, through His elects!!!!! Everyone is “anointed” so no one listen to one. Gifts are the centre stage of the fight, of who is best than the other… The spirit of the fallen angel is tormenting the Church and its people. Our generation is way ward; living like pagans, because of this gift and character.

There is nothing you can say better with that so called greater gift of yours without the character which God requires. God doesn’t anoint anyone with good character but you build your own character to please Him. Paul speaks about the transformation and renewal of thy mind: Romans 12….

We are gifted yet our minds are more devious than when we were un believers. God in His divinity will not strike you for not having a character but you will strike yourself by your rebellion. Hell is real! God won’t send you to hell because you are proud to humble yourself with that gift which He gave you, but the wrath of God will be poured upon some of us!

Just pray its not you….I repeat the wrath of God will be poured upon some of us!!!

The problem is not that we not operating in our gifts, but the problem is that the gift has became a driving force to spirituality, which by the way leads to religion. Oh I so hope I was writing about religion and spirituality. Maybe you should watch out for that too!!!! 🙂

Too much theological concepts but with no character…

Too many gifted people yet the anointing of God is far gone!!! #sad

Where a gift is used without the sustainability of the solid and founded character, then a gift is likely to be hollow and useless for usage. Gifts are and always been a major contributor to the body of Christ yet now they have been overused! There is nothing wrong in using our gifts, there is everything wrong is having these gifts and “operate” in them yet without character.

As they would say “don’t let your gift to take you where your character won’t be able to keep you… That is true!!!!

Watch out for part 2 of Gift vs Character as God willing and lead… be it!

Be blessed
Mvusi Dee
(Mvuselelo Dyabaza)

Making Sense

So many things in the life of our new generation seem not to be making sense in many ways.

We have seen a lot, heard about a lot and done so much. Looking at our generation, one just become so perplexed by the events that occurs. One become so puzzle around by what we partake on as we live in these days. Sex, gangs, lies, deception, gossips, media, politics, murdering, rape, natural disasters, lust, love, faith and so on. These are the top of the lists of our time.

I don’t know whether should I be happy for being born in this generation which was fore-told long ago. Traffic is too high in the road of making it right and well in life. Whilst there is so much traffic out there, others are finding a way of manipulating those vulnerable ones. Others are hacked up while others are cracked up. Drugs are the new life style and sex is taking a lead while love is a perversion of sex to rape. Yet all seem to be so normal.

Today it is so customary to do wrong and move on like nothing happened. Kids against parents and parents against children. Other claim that, this is a judgement times, some believe these are the last days finally happening and others still don’t believe to any judgement. So many beliefs and religiously doctrines out there. Others confuse, others build while others condemn.

We ask ourselves does God really exists, does He really live in heaven if He exist and where is that place called “heaven” and while others believe there is no such a place or even a place called hell.

Yho!! The world is a huge mass with a gigantic liars. Husbands cheats to their wives and wives lie to their husbands. Children are rebellious and stubborn while parents are so pushy to the level of hypocrisy and breaking. Too much hypocrites even from those who suppose to tell the truth. Others contradict themselves, we have also the holier than thou falling like the worse sinners ever lived on the earth.

Nothing is making sense, I mean nothing at all. Religion seem to be a liar and confusing people and leading them astray. Spirituality is being taught backwards and in the contrary to the originality of its own nature. Who is who? Who can make sense? Many want to motivate and speak publicly yet they are not making any sense. Leaders in their alliquance are not making sense about all they present in their congregations.

Politicians are not making sense in their false and manipulative promises. Young people are not changing in the crooked and obnoxious ways. “We all just blind”….. I mean if I was God perhaps I would have just destroyed the world once more and for good this time. Just my thought; good I’m not God….

Some parents are not making sense in the way they raise their kids and kids don’t make sense in their respect toward their parents. I only hope we can all make sense and stop being like drug addicts who mostly make no sense and can’t even understand what they are saying. I only hope we make sense and do things that have sense, only my hope.

Hope does not disappoint…..

Be blessed
Mvusi Dee

A couragious Soul (Siphiwe Tevin Mselane)

A boy/man now; who is not so gullible and stagnant in his life a spirit free human being I know. His proclivity to give a smile whenever, wherever in whatever because he understands the power of illuminating someone’s face. Him being around my life sometimes I feel the entourage of his presence. Even though sometimes he feels as if I thwart him through my tough love for him. Yet I’m not too hard on him.

Sometimes we look at people and turn to conclude of who they are and what kind of people they are. We loose out on encouragement because we thought we knew how stronger we were. Life has surprises. Life is priceless that when you see some people, you just can’t help but be cling to them. There are people who give you motivation with their lives without saying a thing to you. Some people’s downfall is someone courage.

Some inspiration of life come from the aspiration of those around you.

Looking at the life of this young man I’ve understood the power of self motivation. It is so sad when we as people turn to judge others based on how they look on the outside. God care less about what is seen yet he want the heart; that counts a lot.

I’ve been around younger and older men in my life, but I haven’t met anyone like this. Someone who encourages me while I thought I should be the one who does that. In my closer study of the conduct of this young and extrovert fella; I’ve come to my conclusion that he is stronger than many of his age. He has outgrown his own age.

His life is out there, he is just happy all the time even when life tough situations requires him to be sad. One might even feel sorry for him when is not well, only to find out his soul is alive and so motivated. He can be a little bit obnoxious for someone who doesn’t know him, yet he has a beautiful heart in him.

Always want to see others happy and alive. The respect I give to him, is the fact that in all that he went through in his life, he still calls the name of God, pray in Jesus Name and put his trust in him.

Not every young men is as spirit free as he is. He is a dreamer, go-getter, very passionate person and ambitious I say. He has love of media in his life, that drives him even more to love and respect all people. He talks a lot and cares a lot. He can be very disappointed by his weakness of judging characters, because sometimes he turns to trust little bit too much and be hurt at the end.

One thing I know that he knows the power of forgiveness. In me calling him rather regarding him more than just a friend but a son has brought him even closer to my heart. I call him son. He has develop so much respect for me which I truly respect and humble by. I know I can be a little bit hard on him yet he knows and I am sure he doesn’t doubt in his heart and mind that I love him. Sometimes with tough love.

But at the end he always appreciate that from me. God has way of showing you that He is God no matter who you might.

He loves himself a little bit too much sometimes, he loves style in clothing and he loves Mvusi Dee style of living and principles he has. I’m aware he is looking up to him, as Mvusi is his favourite writer (in quotes).

He adores his aunt because she has always been good in his life. As like any of us he does encounter problems at home yet he forgives and move on like real child of God he is.

His favourite bible verse which uplift him is this:
Philippians 4:13. “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me”. NKJV

As he loves this verse he lives his love with that belief that he can do all things. For me to have this young man in my life is an honour, I love him too much and I respect him. In him I’ve found another brother in my many brothers.

My prayer is that: he may have all he ever wanted in life and be on television as he always dreamed of. Oh yes he is a dreamer indeed just like I am also.

His name is Siphiwe Tevin Mselane. Boy be good to yourself we love you, you mom “Monica” loves you even though sometimes she makes you look like a baby. But you have grown man, so be responsible and be much alive as God loves you.

Be blessed
Mvusi Dee

The passion of Christ

How passionate was Jesus to save mankind? How passionate was He to endure till to the death on the cross? How great was His passion that was driven by love? How wonderful was the Lord of lords, King of kings to look like an outcast on what He has made; His own creation!! The creatures that He has taken His own time to create and formed yet they crucified Him like an wild animal! Nevertheless He still intercede for those who killed Him, He boldly prayed for them to be forgiven for they knew nothing in what they were doing! Their hearts were blinded by the god of this age.
God was driven by compassion from the beginning and was driven by love to care for His own! When He left His throne to come to the filthy place called world, He was driven by the power of His unconditional love..

In through that love Jesus sees us through the grace no longer under the law! As if that was not enough; He went to hell so that none of us will ever experience hell! Hell was created for Satan and his angels not for mankind, yet it seems like some of us are choosing that path, which leads to eternal death!

Christ’s passion was to endure every excruciating pain upon His life, both psychological and physical. Nothing compelled Him to do what He did but love, He was not obligated yet His passion of love drove Him to the edge! He was never entitled to do that yet He cared enough for us to go to that extreme!

It is times such as these that make us remember that we are loved, cared for, wanted and belonging! For in Christ Jesus I belong! There is no black or white in there neither poor nor rich, all are the same no male or female, God loves us all the same! His passion was to see what He has created from the beginning of time becoming what He had destined them to become! His motive was to see us being what He had said we are from the beginning!

Romans 1:16 “For I am not ashamed of this Good News about Christ. It is the power of God at work, saving everyone who believes—the Jew first and also the Gentile”.

Our weakest point was to be deceived by the devil through the views of the world, which defines and turn to tell us how life should be like! From Media advertisements, diet food and so on; they define or turn to tell us how should we look like and behave like.

We have became the weak links to the enemy even though we claim to be stronger and knowledgeable, yet the devil still defeats us! God’s love is so powerful that we can not be defeated by a fallen angel! When God gave us the power and dominion He wanted us to know how to fight Satan (not that we fight him, because he is defeated already) and chase him out of our homes!

God is passionate about sons and daughters not slaves of the devil. Systems of the world has confused the mind of those who belong in the Kingdom of God, that true life is the one which is being portrayed by the systems of this world!

We are to be passionate about being good, righteous and holy before God! Our holiness will please the Lord and our pride will bring rage and wrath of God upon our lives! God has always been amazing! He never created any of us to humiliate us by making us poor and be a laughing stock to people! He wants us all to shine, all those who worship Him in truth and those who trust in His decrees! He never lies and never sleeps or slumber! Our small thinking and busy bodies have lied and deceives us about how to view and live life!

We have came to a high level of complaining about what we want, what we don’t have and how unfair is God against us, even though we are faithful to Him! How outrageous is that!!!

Even though God wants to trust us so much we still don’t trust Him enough when it comes to our “big” problems! One thing is certain, what is big to a person to God is nothing! He can do all things and He knows all things.

Passionate was Christ when He was insulted for us;
passionate was Christ when all laughed and mocked Him for doing what was noble and great!
When He took a stand from Heaven to earth to show us the way! In Heaven were angels all kinds yet none came forward but the Son who was not an angel, to receive such humiliation and being so degraded by nothing but creatures that He has made! The feeling of being denied by your own people, the rejection and abandonment from those whom you thought might welcome you! Their hearts being so blinded by their foolish minds! Even to this day we still have those who are still denying the One and Only Son of God; the Saviour of humankind, the Omniscient, Oh ye woken up you fallen people of our generation! Wake up ye creatures thy King thou art calling thee unto thou marvellous Kingdom.

His passion doesn’t it mean anything to you……..? Come let us stand and give the glory for He alone has done what no one could have! Let us be united in mind and heart and recognised the work of the King of kings, Jesus Christ!

This is a the passion of Christ nothing else!

Be blessed
Mvusi Dee

Two minuets Pleasure

God is watching from Heaven!!!!

Your two minuets of pleasure may results to a death of someone’s dreams.

In my last article/blog I spoke about the black men being foolish(Black), I know I’ve provoke some, though I spoke nothing but the truth, there are no remorse or apologies whatsoever….this has so much effect in our community if is not address and delt with nothing will ever change… I know some say we need to motivate people so they can act and do right! However! How can you motivate a careless soul? Instead you should lash out at it, provoke it and then you can motivate after recognising the issues involved.. Let’s read and act. I love you all…..

Looking on the recent headlines, more on the side of brutal killings and very excruciating rapes……. I’ve seen this more that, its our brothers(black men) once again who leads that brutality? And most of these victims are black girls, mothers and grandmothers…… An old grown ass man raped a two year old girl, by the grace of God she was found on the bushes alive!!! Couple of boys raped girls and killed them, I mean these boys are even under-age to be convicted!!! Young boys raped an elderly woman with her granddaughter!!! Protests which has led many people dead, in mines, our communities are dying fighting for peace and in many other companies people have died while on strike for better life.

The year just started yet many have died through these brutality.

What goes on in the mind of the killer or rapist to crave for sex in a young girl or elderly woman? That you care about nothing else but to satisfy your horny self. How can one lust on a little girl? How can one see anything sexy about a little girl or elderly woman?

…Your two minuets pleasure of sex leads to a permanent damage of ones life and soul…!! Your perversion controls you to retribution. I mean does it even feel nice to rape a little girl? How dare you even think about sex when you see a tolder, an infant? Some have a audacity to accuse the devil while they are actual the true devils….. Your constant thoughts becomes your actions that destroys the life of innocent girls…

What you leave un fulfil becomes an opportunity for the enemy(Satan) to take control of your thoughts and life as a whole.

Men use their power to override those of lesser power. I mean what is it they(women) ever done to you? Woman they just want to be loved, appreciated and respected yet its seems like their are hated for being good. Not that I’m saying all women are always good a nd right. Yet it doesn’t matter what a woman can do to you, but RAPE them? Comon men!!!! Is this manhood according to the new generation of our time? Is this what our old folks taught us? To rape!! force someone to have sex with you? Drugs and alcohol are not controlling anyone but people are controlling themselves to such a obnoxious thing.

So much of men choose to be cowards by keeping quiet while our sisters are dying in the hands of these beasts. You coward men, I speak with you rapist and you quiet men out there! You can’t even raise your voice because your brother raped someone, you scared because your friend was convicted with such a crime. You want to be cool to your friends, even though you know they speak about women in a certain way which is inappropriate.

Woman are not sex subjects neither are the satisfaction machine for your fantasies nor are sex objects! Its even worse when men rape other men, dem that is even more disgusting!!!!! I know not all(men) are guilt and I know not all are innocent….

Their(women) innocence should not be subjected to hatred by being forced to unwanted sex. Men and woman are not even suppose to have sex but to make love. Sex has been perverted to rape and rape is today way of enjoying sex. While the other is crying for help in pain; the other feels the power with enjoyment on top. While the other cries seeking for help, the other is out there looking for the next victim! While that girl is damage and the only thing she has on her mind is suicide. The fool who has done the crime dares to brag to his friends about it and the stupid and lunatic friends embrace the fool instead of taking him to the police or beat the hell out of him, not that I’m condoning violence.

Therapist, psychologists and all those who work with woman behaviour, have defended men at some point with all these biological and science big and bombastic words, to make you all feel good that you have a problem inside maybe on the mind. Maybe yes that is true too, however you are so silly, stupid, psychopath dummy! You need to be beaten up physical. That is what you need until you are left with bones while your flesh is all reaped out! There is no feeling that can be compared to that of a girl you have raped, even if you are killed! You so know that is wrong to force anyone to sex yet you still doing it.

Men are too scared of their own size, they choose to go for those that they can overpower! Tavern owners they don’t care as long as they make money, money of that tearing woman anyway, but these guys they commit crimes after they have drink on your places. Drug lords are too cruel, that they have created monsters out of these boys and now they can’t control this but to watch and they don’t give a dem!

One day we shall all answer to God about this, and each an every one of us will have to answer for themselves as individuals concerning this sadness. Let’s protect women not destroy them, after all they are the second reason after God why we here on earth.. It is not too hurd to appreciate them and love them unconditional! They are far to be perfect so are we, they talk too much, and we quiet too much. We can find a common ground, which is love above all else…..

Where are we going my people? When will this end? How can we come together and man up? Just for the sake of peace!!! We can be better, its only a matter of time…I know we can, we are Africans, spirit of Ubuntu……

Mvusi Dee


To my fellow black men I love you very much, don’t be hurt by this, yet think above what is written, take this below as a wake up call. I don’t mean or my intentions are not to look down on anybody or degrading any brother out there, yet again truth need to be told so people can turn away from wrong thinking and doings! I’m not racist whatsoever neither discriminatory thank you!!! Enjoy the read!!!

When you read newspapers, watching news on TV or listening on radio they all talk about the similar staff that is current affairs…… If someone is raped, murdered, robbed or mugged, shoot and so on! What comes to your mind as a reader, what picture effect or gallery do you have in your mind about the owner of these evil doings? Have you ever read a newspaper an article maybe about rape and then pictured a white person? If you have wow…… are good then I applaud you!

Me however and others that I know we haven’t pictured a white man! I wonder why the picture must be always a black man not even a black woman? It seems as if there is a curse in the black community upon black man! Higher percentage of fathers who don’t raise their children are actual black both in South African and abroad where there is a black community…. Black men are also in the statistic of uneducated people! Why is all this in the black man?

Does our colour affect our mind sets? Since we are black does that mean our way of thinking should be black too? Always clues less in darkness and foolish! Like again, it is so easy most of the time to spot a rich black man, why? Because we love to be known that we’ve made it. A black man, you see his riches in his car, clothes, the people he hangs out with, his walks and the way he speak that is; his attitude! Oups I forgot the house….. black men’s house is not something important because it can’t be seen! If he shows his house he make sure that he has “heaven” on earth.

We want to have what we can carry around as a showing off! I don’t hate on blacks; I’m black too and I’m glad that our brothers are progressing in our time…..

16 days of activism against children and women abuse!!!! Who are the majority who have been abused? Let me guess…..blacks by who…..? By another black man……what’s wrong with us black men??

More than once I’ve been robbed by a black brother all the money I’ve worked so hard for!!! More than once people that were closer to me were killed by a black man…. People that I know have disturbing stories regarding black men! Juvenile is full of black boys, drug addicts most its blacks, jerks most its blacks…. I mean really should we blame the apartheid regime? Should we blame whites for “robbing us”? Should we blame our grandparents for not being educated?? Should we blame ‘God’ for not being “black”?

Should we blame the fact that many of black boys were raised by single mothers?? Who do you suggest we should blame….ofcoz not you I mean you are so righteous and perfect right??

Who is an “isikhothane”…blacks….a black man will be foolish until he stop thinking so low about himself but think like a creature God has made! Very few black men who thinks about the future, the rest they just think about today, hence that’s why we boast about what we have or what our parents gave us! Some of us are not even successful by our own but it’s an inheritance from parents! Don’t boast then…

How dare you even condone your foolishness? You are so low below every lowest thing ever seen!!!

Until black men step up and step out of the shell that our people have created for themselves not to move on! So many of us we blaming that has never disturbed us in any way possible! Today you can ask a 20 year old, why is he so stupid and why is he not at school….I bet he has the guts to blame a white man!! Like really where the hell were you when our people were fighting in the struggle? You are so foolish that you need to be taken to the loony bin…sorry to speak but black men need to get this helmet of shame and take helmet of salvation upon their lives! Am I perfect? Not at all, I’m far from perfect; matter of fact I will never be and I don’t want to be, I think being surrounded by good people, that’s what makes one perfect…..

We are black and we shall never change that, we are born like that! What should we be doing is to change our mind set and raise up the level of thinking not this low level we have become!!! We all have a purpose but we live like pagans! We need to raise above mediocrity!!

We can be better if you really strive for that which we are chasing; our goals and better future.

Be Blessed
Mvusi Dee

The Love of a Woman

A woman is a pillar of a man’s heart
A treasure of his life’s wealthy
A sweet sound of music in his ear
A centre of his peace
A harmony of his life on earth
A dear romantic letter of old

She loves with tears and wholehearted
She cares unconditional
She is a sister, a girlfriend, a mother and a comforter

What one can do to hurt her: lie, don’t appreciate her, and don’t complement her where necessary!

The love of a woman unfolds the mystery of a man’s heart.
It comforts the broken hearted and binds up the wounded.
It clears the confusion in the house and bring smile to the hurt.

The love of a woman gathers the lost

The love of a true woman is untouchable, because of her courage about life and her passion about helping people.

“Love is that condition in which the happiness of another person is essential to your own.” ― Robert A. Heinlein

That is the love of woman; always think of others.
It is never self-seeking and never faking.
When a woman loves, she does it unconditionally
The depth of her heart is full with the Rhythm of ‘I love you’

To every woman especial those I know and come to love more, I love you all. Celebrate your womanhood!

By Mvusi Dee

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Parents’ Hypocrisy & Cotradictions and Child Foolishness!

Parents are suppose to be role models, friends, comforters, set examples and direct where children are going wrong.

A parent is an adult matured person not a child with a child that is not a parent but a child with a child. Children should not feel as if they have to fear their parents but must obey them not fear them. WHAT YOU FEAR BECOMES AN OPPORTUNITY FOR AN ENEMY BE JOYFUL AND CREATE THE HOLE IN YOU THAT CAN NOT BE CLOSED. Parents should not be intimidating to their kids, but be free and open to them so that(children) may feel the love of their parents. The parent must show the love of being a parent; a pillar of strength and more a role model than being a friend.

What has happened between children and parents, what went wrong, why children are so rebellious against parents? Why some parents chose to favor some of their children, while setting others aside! I mean who is suppose to love these kids if the parent doesn’t?

One thing is sure is that parents do their best to keep their kids healthy and sound, they do they best to show them that they are loved. Parents do their best for their kids but sometimes kids choose their way and destiny, the path they choose determines where their tomorrow will look like!

Parents say one thing and do the other, they speak and command what they can not do themselves. They rebuke while they don’t want to be rebuked, they correct while they hate correction. Their contradiction is that they don’t keep their word, it seems as if they forget what they have said before.

Children have a good and bad way of remembering what their parents have said or taught them; they hold on to the teaching of the parents whether they are good or bad. Whenever they do remember children act on that; which becomes a problem to the parents. One parent don’t have to teach children how to smoke and drink, but what you constantly motivate them with becomes an opportunity of their foolishness or greatness in the future.

A young person adapt easily to bad things than the good. Parents have lost the way by not giving the kids the right foundation, yet some of the kids who have the right foundation are the most stupid ones.

The aim is not to blame parents or children neither to insult anybody whatsoever, however we need to see our mistakes and be able to fix where we can and deal with our hypocrisy, contradiction and foolishness.

Some parents sit down, while others are up there helping and making sure their kids are well and becoming the best as the can possible be. Sometimes its seem as if it is better not to have parents than having hypocrites as parents. They are suppose to guide and lead great yet it seems that the opposite is happening, they lead astray, maybe because no one is leading them and they never tried to be led by anyone!

Parents who don’t want to be wrong and forever right in the eyes of their children, that breaks the esteem of a kid, because kids they ending up feeling that their are always on the wrong, because they never been heard but ignored by this perfect parent.

The power of crushing a child’s mind and dreams just ignore them and make their dreams something you can lash on whenever you can as a parents then surely you shall see the fruits of your labor to your children as they grow. Really how can a child who was raised by two good parents end up on drugs, alcohol and confused. What could possible be wrong with this picture?

Hypocrisy of favoritism, contradictions of always want to be right and perfect and foolishness of making bad and wrong decisions and choices!

No body is perfect but through honesty, love, protection, care and patience among ourselves as families we can make a huge difference and close that chapter of our lives that no one wants to remember! Love conquers all remember that!

Be Blessed
Mvusi Dee
NB: Mvuselelo Dyabaza

My Pride of the Kingdom of God!!

God is the God of everyone however not a Father of everyone. He loves all but not all of us we will see Him in His Kingdom!!! That is raw truth……

I will not explain what is the Kingdom of God as one would expect, however I will dwell on my pride and defence of this kingdom. This is my citizenship and yours too if you want and willing to obey.

Isaiah1:19. ‘If ye be willing and obedient, ye shall eat the good of the land: 20 But if ye refuse and rebel, ye shall be devoured with the sword: for the mouth of the Lord hath spoken it’. (KJV)

2Thessalonians1:8. In flaming fire taking vengeance on them that know not God, and that obey not the gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ: (KJV)

Let me begin by saying; I am proud; honoured and privileged to be the son in the house of the LORD and joyful to be the servant and slave of the Lord Jesus Christ!

The pride of my heart for this kingdom comes from the depth of my spirit, where the mystery is hidden. I seek not my glory or my own praise not that I’m just saying this however I mean it. God is on us to follow Him and do as His Son did(Jesus). Philippians2:1-5.

However God is nice and He is a good Father indeed, He doesn’t force anyone to be His follower but He is straight of His conditions, for one to enter His Kingdom. He says ‘its up to you to follow me’. You do it willingly! My pride is that I am free from the curse of the law (Galatians3:13). However my freedom is not for me to live in a sin or please myself with my life!

I have no pleasure in pleasing the person that I am, one should be living to please God with their lives. The willingness to obey God is upon every individual freely with no force whatsoever. The top principle in this Kingdom is obedience not the ‘chit chatting’ of the Church in the days we live in.

God opposes the proud but he is delighted by those who obey Him.

My prayer for every Christian is that we be Christ-like in our lives, with no compromising of who we truly are. This Kingdom is different to all kingdoms, here there is One ruler and He needs no help from anyone, He has no spy to fish information for Him so he can use against anyone. He can see everything where He is seated, He is from Glory to Glory; from ever lasting to ever lasting.

The King of this Kingdom is a King among all kings in all existing kingdoms. His ways, His rules and what He say goes and more importantly there is no democracy in this Kingdom of God!!

If you willing to obey His commands you’ll eat from the best in the land, that is His promise and He always delivers but your key here is your faith! Don’t measure the King of kings with the level of your little faith, don’t measure Him with what you are going through! God is not a cruel God, He is not an angry God, He loves what He has created, however He takes no pleasure in sin, period!!!

One’s knowledge or leanered mind is not really important here not that its wrong to be knowledgeable but make no mistake of thinking that your knowledge surpasses the knowledge of the Spirit of God.

It doesn’t matter what one knows, what your understanding or what your family or clan is! All of that don’t matter when it comes to this Kingdom (Kingdom of God) here there is no better name than that of Jesus Christ and there is no better clan than that of Christianity and our belonging is determined by our salvation and walk with the Lord Jesus Christ and again you not important here as you think you are neither am I but Christ is! Your Contribution here don’t make God better remember that, He is still better with or without you and me!!!

This is a continuation…………Watch out for My Defence of this Kingdom!!

Be Blessed
Mvusi Dee

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Has Jesus Christ became the 2nd best??

Proverbs 3:5 Trust in the Lord with all thine heart; and lean not unto thine own understanding. 6 In all thy ways acknowledge him, and he shall direct thy paths. (KJV)


The wisdom of a pastor, is it judged according to his/her theological knowledge? I mean does theology have some kind of anointing? God anoints not man or educational background! Have we come to a level where churches are judged by the number of members they have? Do we judged the anointing a pastor according to his/her large number of ‘members’.

Do we even have members or disciples? Do we have bunch of losers filling in the Church or Solders for war-fare? Do we have a bunch of hypocrites, who lies and who are two-faced or truth tellers and truth speakers who don’t comprise? There is some craziness going in the Church, I’m even so afraid to say ‘the church of God’ because of so much wrong going on!

I’m not judging but telling like it is with a motive of praying to change that.

Matthew9:29 Then touched he their eyes, saying, According to your faith be it unto you. (KJV).

So according to my faith it will be as I pray for it to be Amen!

We are judging anointing of God through the ‘performance’ of the pastor. Through the PHd some of them have, we think that is where the anointing, and gifting of God lies, wow how foolish of us?

The gimmicks makes many of us go crazy in the Church, then we say God was in the house! We see God’s presence in the Church through the noise and feeling we feel when the pastor spoke about your pain and when he encourages you, then you think God is in the house! We’ve judged the preaching through the tone of a speaker and the pronouncing of English words, then we applaud that preacher,wow!

We applaud preaches so that then can be encourage to entertain us again; yet we make them even more proud! Who do we clap for after the sermon of the pastor, after he has come down from the podium?

What is worship?

Leveticus11:45. For I am the Lord that bringeth you up out of the land of Egypt, to be your God: ye shall therefore be holy, for I am holy. (KJV)

Does worship have to do with the order we have, the beautiful outfits we put on? I mean the good sound we have and the Choir conductor who is learnered and knowledgeable about music? Has worship become something for a “worship team” maybe I’m just to obnoxious I don’t know!

Do you have to audition to be a worshipper? Do you have to know how to sing well vocally to sing to God? Maybe I’m lost, when God spoke with Jehoshaphat in (2Chronicles 20) He never mentioned people who can sing well! He just commanded them to go there, that’s all! Just go with it, God will take over and surely He will hear thee!

What have we done fellow Christian? Why have we judged God’s house on the level of our knowledge?

Isaiah 55:8 For my thoughts are not your thoughts, neither are your ways my ways, saith the Lord. (KJV)

What inspires the sermon? Who drives the sermon? What makes the sermon ‘to be good’. Who judges sermon? Do ‘judges’ even learn from the sermon? Do we judged the sermon or criticise it? What is the purpose of doing so? If then we do judge or criticise, who ordained us in that department? How dare me to judge God’s word? But God also wants me to test the spirits and again to descend!

I mean I heard that there are wise fools! Oops!! That is true also!

This will continue……

Be Blessed
Mvusi Dee

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Lessions of life

I’ve learned this: there is nothing nicer than attacking someone with their wrongs. Telling people that they are fools and stupid, nothing cooler than being self-righteous and nothing pleasing than seeing your self better while all others being wrong.

In all this I also learned that, there is nothing harder, humiliating and painful than the above mention when it comes to you!

What more can be done to a strong person who understands his/her abilities and their strengths. Life mean more than the precious faces we portray and fake smiles we share! The is more in a person than what is seen.

My understanding and experience about being degraded and the fitting in thing: is that it takes away your self esteem and your true identity. The true person you were created and designed to be!

In enduring the pain of being judged and look down upon, I also learn the courage of believing in me and in my purpose! I also got to understand my purpose of living and of being here on this earth.

Life taught me lesson that I would never forget: That is; there is no me, myself and I in this life, I need others however not depending of them. I got to understand that I am not smart as I oath to be neither wise as I thought I was nor special as I always thought I was and not even the best I gave my self to be.

In all the above I have it only when I hold on to the promises of God concerning my life.

I’ve learned also the mystery of a rainbow, that it always come after a big rain or a storm! So are the good times. Its hardship then at the end joy comes in. Joy comes in the morning after a long night!

I will live life good even if situations don’t allow me to, even if circumstances step on my way. I DARE to be the best out of the worse situation.

I challenge someone to be the best even if means step on someone’s toes; (I know that’s hash) as long as they stand on the way of your elevation; don’t be arrogant though!

Be Blessed
Mvusi Dee

Killing our sisters💔 #MenAreTrash 

Every time I open my Twitter account and come across is a missing person, abused or murdered woman, I cringe, tear and find myself lost in fear. 
I can only imagine what the victims ‘ family going through, whats on the mind of a perpetrator and how is the family of the murdered feels. 
I am a big brother and only brother to a beautiful young lady and very close to few women in my life which I treat them as my own sisters and some mothers. How will I personally react if any of what I retweet on my account happens to any of them. What drastic measures would I take and how would I ever cope with that! 

The thought of your loved one being burned alive or dead, stabbed, shot, raped, begin forced against her will by someone she trusted with her life. The man she claimed to love and the man who claimed will protect her but fails to protect her from himself. Skinning her alive, how gruesome and heartless is that! The hurt and soulless being slaughtering a sister like she is a wild beast. My heart busts, my eyes filled with tears because of men in our time. What have we become? Monsters, perverts, evil heartless motherfuckers! Cowards we have become, we no longer fight in the streets all by ourselves as we used to as men but we fight our sisters by manipulating the vulnerable and lure them to their death. 

They have no idea of the revolt within us that lay deep on our hearts, they have no idea of the hunger we have to control them. The demons we never show but only reveal when sentencing them to death. They have no idea how fucked up our minds are and misogynists we are and continue inflicting that on ourselves to this day. They have no idea how much we hate to be wrong and how much we hate women who challenges us intellectually! They have no idea how much we lust on them but we claim to love them so to smooth things up. They have no idea how much we worship sex and we will do anything to get it even if it means to kill😰. 
We love being seen as powerful and smart while we run on empty bodies. We love to be seen as alive and relevant but we are dead corpses. We love women who obey us not respect us. We love women who don’t ask questions and we hate feminists. We want women who say “yes sir” and never ask why and how! We hate women who have courage and knows who they are. We prostitutes our girlfriends and sell our sisters for power and fame. We are a fucked up species. Who hide behind religion and demons and strike when at least expected. We pray but what we do privately is beyond the depiction of sin. We think we are infallible and never get caught. We take these women and do what we want with them using forceful powers then after treat their bodies like carcasses.  
We charm them with what we believe they want and strike in the process. We pay no attention to what they want and need, it’s all and have always been about us. Patriarchally speaking, we are the rulers of women and they must shut the fuck up when we speak. It’s rude for a women to backchat to a man, we are taught from young age. Our fathers are they themselves fucked up too, we fucked up and so will our kids be! Excuse yourself all you want and say “not me” but man you are fucked up and stop fucken lying to yourself you are #trash. 
Instead of paying attention to the language at hand pay attention to your intentions and those of the men you know. To the women who you promise to love, starting with your mother whom you have no respect of and your sister whom you see as nothing but a slave to your egoistic twisted mind. I’m 1500km from my sister and I can’t even protect her from these ruthless men, even if I was closer they would strike without my permission.💔
Is there a planet where women should be hidden so they can live in peace? Is there hell that can accommodate men and their evilness. Bafethu how long will our sisters feel unsafe in our hands😰. Majita how can our sisters relay on us and trust us when we kill them every 3 minutes and every 60 seconds one of them is abused! Maqabane why are we killing the already vulnerable nation. This shit has no race but gender based and humane and I’m looking at you right now. 👀
They way you talk to her, the tone of your voice, your aggression and the men chats we have about women. Most of these atrocities are conceive sometimes in the none existing men cave. Yes mafethu singododi #MenAreTrash 😬

Challenge your own size!!! 
Apology is not enough to the sisters and mothers but we still apologize for doing this to you. I’m not promising we will stop killing you, I guess you will always live in fear. God knows.✍🏽

Internet Generation


Internet Generation

The world has changed rapidly and that has led even people to change, what is regarded as moral and ethical also got changed and challenged over the years. As technology increases and internet changes the way we see and view the world; we have come to a place of the internet generation, ‘the now generation’.


Computers and Internet has changed even the moral of communication, and interaction among individuals. The adjustment for this is hard to some, especially the elderly people. For them to share their information with the public is still a problem of what if someone steals my information and does something horrible about it! They have shy away from following this type of life style.

The elderly don’t have to sit and watch while the internet generation is having fun, shopping online, banking, socialising, and networking in their living room. However some manufacturers have computers just for the elderly, for user friendly. The design acknowledges senior limitations on computers (internet generation and technology, 2013).

One of the major issues with Internet today is the fact that is leaves the children brain damage (John Stevens, 2012). Their creativity has been hatched through usage of Internet more than their own thinking. For instance, if they are doing school assignment the first thing they do is Google not even thinking on their own? They use less of their hands on but more of computer onto. Less invention more plagiarism, if children depends on the internet they will end up brain dead and lack of understanding and if the electricity is gone just for a day you find them look like zombies.

Through the usage of Internet more, many things have been lost along the way. Reading for instance is falling away, about 84% in 2006 read for pleasure now it’s about 74%. People are likely more to socialise on the Internet than reading books to expand their knowledge. About 62% youth have a profile on the social network of which they have become managers of their own.

Their negligent is beyond the fix, they have turned to blogging, than writing essays that are constructive. They choose to share their personal feelings with the world on social networks than that one friend or family they can trust. They choose to express their feeling through extremely measures such as posing naked on social networks of which that can be exposed over the world if it’s on Google.

The fear of strangers is less fading away; hence we have much of human trafficking through these social networks and being recruited for secret societies, drug traffickers and terrorist recruits through these same social networks. Some people who have been kidnapped they have been traced on these social networks, that means they attract the attackers without sure about it. This is not to validate the attackers’ course but to cushion the Internet users of the danger that could be involved when using Internet unwisely.

Children use internet an average of 1.7 hours a day online others spend more than 3 hours a day online while other about 1.5 hours a day on games on the computer. Through these games on the Internet children are less adventurous.

Computers is replacing even television today, more people ‘cannot’ live without their computers they rather walk away from television than their computers.

Rosemary Duff says “the internet has moved to a whole new level. Children are watching the same amount of TV but there is a change in the way children communicate and get their information”. It is so clear that a lot of children are fluent communicators but not in a conventional way. They are not readers; they are reliant on spell-check.

They are a generation abandoning print and paper, and the whole integration of technology and the way the glide from one to the other is seamless. They will be surfing the net, talking to a friend and downloading a track simultaneously, while also juggling with a little attention for family.

Internet can be helpful to design but not to create in action, that is you can design something on the computer but it need to come to life by using your own hands. Laziness has taken a toll, people who are not educated but have a clue of the Internet choose to apply for jobs while at home but their qualification requires them to approach a company.

The fear of approaching people in person is more today because this generation chose to use Internet for communicating avoiding rejection and disappoints.


The different generations for different purposes and different interests, the conflict is on, but there solutions seem to be at hand or so we think. Millennium generation and the generation before that… 90 percent is using more of Internet today and 75% on social media. That is the generation of the millennial. Things have changed since the year 2000 and so is the generation after that; everything is shifting to be on the fingertips and ‘running’ the world sitting on the couch.

Young men are no longer active in their house chores like the gardening and making sure the yard is clean; parents rather hire somebody while the family has more than one young man. They become mass potatoes in the couch of which they seem to be useless for anything but Internet. Mr Trevor Baylis said, ‘children have got to be taught hand-on, and not to become mobile phone or computer dependable.

Children need to be taught to use their computers when and why not all day long while sitting with their stomach. Obesity is taking its tall today, brain dead, none creativity, less schoolwork being done enthusiastic, more genuine information is not found only someone’s work copied and pasted.

The web is filled with videos, social media, and more resources than any brain can handle. According to the new study Internet usage by different generations all the content on the web may be coming from some unexpected places.

That is because the millennial generation seems to be far and away the most connected and read to share. About 20% all the this generation members have posted a video of themselves online, that is compared to just 2% of the older generation, Katie Lepi, 2013).


Preachers of Africa’s a Dream 

Every preachers dream?? 

“Greetings in the Name of my Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ, I thank God for the invitation to preach here today. I remember I was preaching in America one day; when I went to America, I did my theology in America, I shared a stage with an American preacher”. America, America……….. 

I am not hating on America at all but the above statements I’ve heard it a lot  more than the word Amen! I am sure most of you out there know what I’m talking about, is there anything wrong with the above, I guess not but let’s explore more. 


Preaching in the American pulpit. 

Matthew 28:18

“Go ye make disciples of all Nations…” 

Preachers of Africa 1:1 

“Go ye make preachers of American pulpits”

I and the rest of the people know the fact that America comes up on top in the religious circles or understandings or studies,very  theological informed and biblical eloquent teachers and inventors of many of these dress codes we see today in churches. America is also known of its influence to the world specifically in African continent; as a results of that Africans are no longer genuine in most of what they do because we live America life  here in our mother land. The bible was not introduced to us by Americans by the way but Europeans. 

“Christianity helped Africans to become renewed Africans, not re-made Europeans”. Lamin Sanneh (African scholar). 


But today Africans are re-made Americans, how, is still a puzzling matter! 

The expansion of this factor has become so sensitive and spread too far in the walk of faith! Whatever America declares as right for Christians, so it shall be as they say! They have mega churches which have so much influence and exposure to the rest of the world as we have become part of them. We cannot then turn away from the truth that some of these churches are truly godly anointed and grace by the Almighty God, true that! However now we also have the opposite of this, which raises so many questions! 

When it comes to African preachers they most or all have the same dream in their ministries, that is to preach in America. As if preaching in America will strengthen their or sure their anointing and trues calling of God upon their lives. That is why even today in this continent, when you listening to preachers who travels, they will never leave America out of their vocabulary. Always one has passed in America to preach or they have studied there. When you get up and coming preachers they talk about going to America, then the question is asked; is America the highest calling for African preachers?!

Some preachers compromise and put everything on hold when they got an invitation to go to America to preach! Is it a life time opportunity to preach in America? If so the why we are called by God not by American well known preachers, who are we representing in America? Is it God, or the ministry, or ourselves and our reputation while building a brand of our names?!

Battle with deception.

I won’t leave preciousness for glamorous
I will not leave priceless for an expense
I will not leave an asset for a liability

I realised that I’m too expensive to be sold that cheap
I won’t buy your looks, I won’t buy your flirty smile
I won’t be taken by your intimate hugs
I will not listen to your seduction voice

You will not get away with that which you call “just a friend”
Your cologne will not smell on my shirt
Your lipstick will not change my mind
Blown kisses won’t stay on my mind

No, how beautiful you call my name I will not react
Not matter how much you’ve cooked for me I’m not going to be confused
Hoping for my fall so that you can take me up for you
Standing by when I cry so I can lean on you

I will turn down the offer of your shoulder
I will run and leave my jacket behind like Joseph
I will look through you even though I know I’m dying with a temptation to touch you

I will choose to ignore you if that means
I will unfriend you if that means
I will shout at you if that will make you go away
But I will remain a gentleman in all this.

I will love you with respect but keep what’s mine without any indulgence from you.

I will take my own by hand and kiss it in the forehead to reassure it that I’m still there with my all as I was before I met you
I will hold mine by hand tightly until drops of sweats like blood drops down

Your bodylicious will not take me, her beauty and heart will keep me.
Her humble soul will make me stay around even closer

Every temptation is a step to my victory
Every test is a challenge to my shining
At the end I will remain with that which is genuine and priceless.
That’s my love nothing else.

What if it’s you tomorrow?

By Mvusi Dee

It could be me, it could be you, no one knows their destinies or their tomorrow. How hard it is not even know your purpose in this life. No matter how big or rich you can be, all of our graves will be the same and we are going to the ground the same. No one will go to his or her own place after death; at least our bodies will be the same, decompose.

The most tragic thing is to see young people dying and one thing I know is that no parent want to bury their kids. When my close friends die that makes me scared; what if I’m next, what if tomorrow, families, friends and enemies will gather in my home because of my passing. What if tomorrow I will be the one who is lying down on his back dead with dreams that are far not fulfilled!

What if when I’m going to the funeral of my friend I will be the one who dies on the way there. What if, just in case I don’t die but become permanently paralysed! Who will be my friend, when I can’t write anymore, when I can’t speak and advice no one anymore, when I become like a cabbage and all that I knew I know no more! What if just in case you are next and you know about it, what would you do! What if God warns you that today it’s your last day! What if He says to you repent if you want to live and continue live right after that, which means all the things you loved you must let them go, would you do that.

Would you give it all that you have and know and love just for God and love and follow Him alone. Not following your twitter people, not being friends with your facebook people, not having any association with any social networks or any person of importance. What if God says, be mine alone and focus on Me and I shall bless you abundantly, would you do that? Again if He says follow me I have eternal life for you, I mean eternity is far yet closer, would you agree? Would you say yes to God even if you face many difficulties and suffer hunger and embarrassing moments of poverty and strife just because you follow Him, would you unfollow Him? Would you accept Jesus as your Lord and Saviour, if He says I died for you and you alone. If He reminds you that you were nothing but He loved you enough to leave all His glory from His throne and came down to lead, to save, to reconcile and to bless you more and more abundantly.

Who is it that you believe more in this life, God, or yourself?

What if you are to die today or now, what would you like people to say about you? What mark and impact or legacy are you leaving behind? Don’t tell me that you are young! We shall all die but are you ready, will you be ready when that appointment comes knocking in your door? I am ready and prepared to die but not ready and prepared how will I die.

I’ve done my best and still doing it even today.


By Mvusi Dee

My sorry Self.

“I can’t understand how can you accept a dog in your house but can’t accept a person because of their race, religion and where they come from”.

Don’t blame me for loving all people even though there is a high possibility of me not liking them all but I still love them. I am an ocean I can accommodate many fishes yet I spit some when they become useless and just occupying the space!

How long and far have we gone in judging those of lower standard because they don’t have what we have and they don’t speak the language we speak? For many years we have been looked down upon by those who claim to know more than most of us. Having money is not a symbol of wisdom neither it is a definition of power one posses.

Because I’m not eloquent as the rest of those who know how to ‘twang’ doesn’t mean anything; we are much alike than being separated that I’ve learned as I grew. So many things which are so useless are separating us from our true relation with others. Human beings rather have dogs in their houses than having a hobo from the streets just to feed even if it’s an hour. We all know it’s not safe in the days we living in, thanks to that, now everyone has an excuse. We rather ride with animals in our cars than giving someone who needs a lift. Humility is hostility in the hearts of most human beings. The hope of good people is far lost and gain of discrimination is yet taking a toll instead of reducing. Many people have been victimised for trying to close the gap of injustice and prejudice in our society and churches. It is so crazy and a shame to see that prejudice and discrimination exists even in the church of God, while expecting the opposite in there.

I am not to judge or pass any judgment whatsoever but for how longer am I going to live in fear of being different and free to be myself? For how long will I taste the so called democracy of our nation? For how long will I be free from the condemnation by those of faith and those of governments? Some things we have never chose them to happen to us but they did happen then so what?! Prejudice separated blacks and whites during the apartheid era, but now it’s worse it separates a black person from another; a rich one from a poor one. Humble one from arrogant ones, saints from sinners and religion from culture the list goes on.

No one seems to care about anyone and no one seems to be paying any attention to anyone! We ask ourselves what has happened to our so called free country the rainbow nation, where everyone is free to express themselves! The question is on the table; was our freedom emerged for the fulfilment of our foolishness in the days we live in? Was freedom for certain individuals with certain last names? Was freedom a gain for cruelty and greediness? The animosity by our so called leaders both in church and in governance!!

I’m sorry for looking down upon that dude who was in such a state of need yet I ignored him anyway. I’m sorry that I’ve never voted for our country government because I couldn’t take the greed, cruelty, lies, unfulfilled promises, fraud and evilness being done before my very own eyes! I’m sorry that I’ve judged things I didn’t have knowledge of! I’ve been such a loser because I didn’t realize the potential in others! I’ve been so selfish that no one is important but me! Hell break a lose I say, while I’m so proud and egotism kills me inside out.

One day we will be free for real and learn to love one another for real.